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Fertigation Fundamentals
Delivering fertilizer through irrigation systems (known as fertigation) has been used extensively in agriculture for the past 30 years and has gained wide acceptance in the golf course industry over the last decade. Now Real Green's Lawn Club's innovative engineering brings the benefits of fertigation to all types of properties.


Save Time & Money - Automated and efficient, the Real Green's Lawn Club Fertigator will reduce the amount of time, money and materials it takes to keep your property looking its best.
Create Beautiful Grass & Plants - Your grass, plants and flowers will develop healthier root structures, need less water, and will be more resistant to disease and insect infestation.
Mosquito Control - Fertigation delivers complete distribution and coverage to your property, using micro-dosages of our environmentally friendly/organic product. Complete coverage plus frequency of application, equals complete control.
Better for the Environment - Fertigation delivers only what the plant can use and absorb so there's less run off available to affect streams, rivers and ground water.
Fertigation vs. granular fertilizer
There's really no comparison.